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The Wand (“Single Tooth Anesthesia”)

The Wand is a computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system. It is a state-of-the-art method to consistently and comfortably administer local anesthesia. It replaces the standard uncomfortable syringe that was invented over 150 years ago and is still used in most offices today.

Digital X-rays

Digital imaging incorporates computer technology to capture, display, enhance and store the radiographic images. It reduces the radiation exposure by as much as 75%. With less radiation exposure, the absorbed dose to the patient is significantly lower. Digital allow the dentist to manipulate the contrast and density to enhance the details of diagnostic importance.

Intraoral Camera

A dental camera that can take clear pictures inside the patient’s mouth. We use the camera to show you findings in your mouth, to show and explain reasons for recommended treatments, to help us evaluate your mouth, and to help complete our records.

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a substance which is found and extracted from your own blood. It is a natural regenerative strategy involving a concentration of growth factors and cells. Since it is made entirely from your own cells, it is completely biocompatible with your own body. It possesses amazing natural healing properties. It uses your body’s own natural and powerful healing proteins to heal wounds and speed recovery. With a simple blood draw, a concentration of natural growth factors can be used to stimulate and maximize your regenerative potential. Since no additives are used, it forms a ‘super’ blood clot with significantly elevated concentrations of regenerative cells and growth factors capable of stimulating wound healing.

Benefits of PRF:

  • can decrease post-operative pain
  • can decrease risk of infection or dry socket
  • can improve healing
  • can decrease recovery time
  • can sometimes be used to replace manufactured products which can save you cost.
  • can improve handling properties of materials for the dentist

We may recommend to use applications of PRF for:

  • implant therapy
  • bone grafting
  • some extractions

How is PRF extracted from your body?

We draw a small sample of your blood in a glass container. We then place that tube in a centrifuge which spins the tubes. Through the spinning process, the blood gets separated into different layers. We can spin at different speeds and times and use different aspects of the sample to get the results we need for the specific clinical use.

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Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT/ 3D xray)

Dental Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT) is a a specialized x-ray machine that enables the production of three dimensional (3D) images. It is used when more information is required or beneficial over traditional 2D images for diagnosis and treatment planning. It provides an in-depth image of the teeth, jaws, maxillary sinuses, nasal cavity, nerve pathways and jaw joints and can help detect and diagnose many diseases. A dental Cone Beam CT scan has the advantage of substantially lower radiation exposure compared to a conventional medical CT.

Benefits of CBCT:

  • precise/accurate measurements can be made
  • identifying exact location of an infection or other area of interest
  • evaluate bone shape, quantity and dimensions along with nerve and sinus positions for accurate and safer implant planning
  • can allow for less invasive treatment
  • allows for better pre-treatment planning
  • can save patient treatment time

Clinical uses of CBCT:

  • precise implant planning and treatment
  • detecting, evaluating and diagnosing lesions and pathology
  • root canal diagnosis
  • planning for challenging tooth extractions
  • diagnosis of dental trauma
  • diagnosis of airway sleep disorders
  • diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • planning bone grafting
  • required for 3D implant guided surgery

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Guided Implant Surgery

An advanced Computer Guided Implant tool that integrates the 3D CBCT images to pre-plan and fabricate a Template that is placed in the mouth and allows for precise implant placement. The computer design software allows us to plan and simulate the implant placement prior to treatment so that we can experience the implant placement as we planned. It allows us to provide highly planned treatment in a very accurate, safe, often less invasive and more efficient manner.