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Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I need a New Patient Exam?

A New Patient Exam is an important evaluation used to collect the information required to create a treatment plan that is specific to you and is designed to meet your needs and desires. The exam involves a review of your medical and dental history, listening and addressing your chief concerns, an exam of the hard and soft tissues inside and outside of your mouth, an oral cancer check, any necessary radiographs, and evaluation of your teeth and gums. This information is used to fabricate an individual treatment plan. Treatment options are provided and explained. All of your questions and concerns are answered. This exam allows us to see the complete picture and recommend the proper treatment options.

Do I need X-rays?

Radiographs or x-rays are a very important aid used by the dentist to diagnose dental conditions and facilitate the creation of your treatment plan. We recommend only necessary x-rays that will be beneficial to your care. X-rays are recommended on an individual basis. X-rays help us detect cavities, gum disease, bone conditions and other pathology. They help the dentist detect cavities that they may not see clinically with their eyes. Cavity detecting x-rays can help us find concerns early and help prevent larger issues from developing. This can prevent more advanced and costly treatments. Our office uses digital x-rays, which reduce the radiation exposure by as much as 75%. In most instances dental digital X-rays are equivalent to going outside for the afternoon.

Can I transfer my dental records from my previous dentist to Thornbury Dental?
Yes. If you are transferring from another dental office, you can sign our records release form and your previous office will send us any current x-rays and pertinent information about your dental history and past treatments.
How do you set your fees?
Our fees are set using the Ontario Dental Association fee guide.
How do you accept payment?

We are a “fee for service” office, meaning payment is required at the completion of each appointment or service provided. If you have dental insurance we will happily assist in completing and processing your insurance claim via electronic data interchange that will result in a much faster direct receipt of payment to you from your insurance company and sometimes in a matter of days. We accept cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard. Financial arrangements and payment options can be arranged for some treatments and in some situations.

Do you see dental emergencies?
Yes. We pride ourselves on seeing patients with dental emergencies as promptly as possible.

Please call our office and discuss your concerns as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to assist you. After hours and weekend emergencies are usually reserved for patients of record at the practice. If you are not a patient of the practice or you are visiting the area, we will do our best to assist you as best as possible based on your situation. If arrangements are made to have an evaluation or treatment after hours an additional emergency fee will apply.

Do you only do “cosmetic procedures”?

No. Cosmetic dentistry is just one aspect of dentistry that we offer. We are a full service office treating the whole family from children to seniors. We provide a wide range of dental treatments. Please see our services page for a complete list or contact us at the office.

How can I make my denture fit better?

There are different options to help give your dentures a better fit:

  • Sometimes your dentures just need an adjustment or need to be tightened.
  • A “reline” may be needed where the inside of your dentures are coated with new material to adapt to the changes in your mouth and improve their fit.
  • New dentures are sometimes recommended.
  • Use of an over-the-counter denture adhesive or paste can be used in some instances.
  • “Dental implants” can be placed and the denture can “snap” down onto the implants to improve their fit and retention. Implants can be used to help secure both complete and partial dentures. Often implants can be added and your existing denture can be adapted to fit the new implants. Often implants can allow the plastic to be removed from the roof of your mouth so they are smaller, more comfortable and you can feel and taste your food better. We have provided implant retained dentures for many very satisfied patients!

If you have any questions about your dentures please feel free to ask so we can help you get the result you want and deserve.

Do you offer teeth whitening?

Yes, we offer multiple teeth whitening options to meet your needs:

  • In Office Whitening – For a quick and easy whiter and brighter smile! This procedure is completed in the office with the dental hygienist. It involves a stronger bleaching material. You will leave our office in about 1 hour with your teeth 4-8 shades whiter.
  • At Home Custom Trays – requires an easy dental impression so we can fabricate thin whitening trays that fit specifically to your teeth. At home you apply a whitening gel into your trays and wear them for a specific amount of time or until you reach the results you desire.
  • At Home Pre-loaded Trays – These are a package of one size fits all prefabricated whitening trays that are preloaded with the whitening gel. No impression is needed. They are disposable, so you wear it for one application and throw it away and use another tray for your next application.
How old should my child be for their first dental appointment?
It is recommended that your child have their first dental appointment within 6 months from the eruption of their first tooth or by their first birthday. Usually the first visits are just a look inside their mouth to evaluate for any early concerns or developmental issues. Young children often get a “ride” in the dental chair. Our goal is to begin to form a relationship with your child and get them comfortable in our dental office. We want to make the visits easy and fun so your child has a positive experience and they look forward to their future visits.